Happy National Coming Out Day!

When I came out to my grandparents in college I started sobbing… nerves, fear, all the emotions just poured out of me.

My grandmother (in the midst of my sobbing) asked if I no longer wanted to be a minister? I choked back the tears and said no, it’s not that.

My grandfather asked if I killed someone or something and needed to confess? Which caused us all to burst out laughing.

I said, “I’m dating someone I really care about and want you to eventually meet. She happens to be a woman. I’m bisexual.”

Grandpa’s response remains seared in my memory, “Oh, is that all, sugar??”

I miss my grandparents every day. And I hope to help create a world where compassion rules and love wins!

Don’t ever dim your light for anyone. You be YOU! And always let your beautiful light shine!

Photo by Debera Lorincz.