It was snowy yesterday, you probably noticed!  I slowly made my way down from the parsonage to Starbucks for Community Office Hours (every Wednesday except the last Wednesday of the month from 3-5 PM!)  I had my head down, as I often do in the winter, to avoid falling.  Unfortunately, clumsiness is a family trait that my sister Maureen and I both inherited from our Grandma Mary (who made falling over random objects all over the world into an art form.)  Maureen once joked with a friend about one of our Grandma’s nicknames being “Speed Bump Mary” because Grandma literally wiped out on speed bumps quite often, and then Maureen herself tripped over a speed bump while telling the story!  The point being, when I walk this path once a week I have my head down in the winter looking at the sidewalk because of inherited clumsiness.

For whatever reason, I actually looked up (probably to admire the snow) to see the sign above taped to the pole, “YOU MATTER.”  I assume it’s from the good folks in the Colchester is Kind group, and it was a welcome message to see.  Though I had to wonder, “How long has that sign BEEN there?”  Have I not been seeing it for weeks or months?  And then the thought, “What else have I been missing lately?”

Now it’s winter and for those of us who are clumsy, don’t quit looking at the path before you if that will help keep you on your feet!  But I trust that you understand what I’m getting at here.  Look up!  Look around!  What do you notice?  Is a friend or family member having a tough time right now, would a call or visit really cheer them up?  Is your child loving life right now, have you had a conversation about what’s making them so happy?  Has your spouse/partner mentioned something several times that you could have fun doing together?  What are you noticing today?

We can remember the words of Paul as we focus on the present, paying close attention to those who share our lives: “Let all that you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Oh, and just in case you need to hear it today–YOU matter!

(This Week’s Thoughts 1.18.18)

Photo by Rev. Lauren Lorincz.