On Friday, I was driving on Route 85 when a rock somehow hit my front windshield and made a pretty sizable crack.  It scared me.  And let’s just say that church language was not used in the car that time by your dear pastor.  Because it’s rather large, I put in a claim with my car insurance company and arranged for someone to come to the house and replace the windshield.  Great!  Though the day it was scheduled happened to be a rainy day, and the person from the auto glass company texted me instructions to reschedule due to the downpours and apologized for the inconvenience.

I called the number of the company to reschedule and while going over specifics the employee said, “Can I just say, thank you for being so understanding?”  “Oh sure, well you guys can’t control the weather.”  “Yeah, but you’re the first person who’s called to reschedule who hasn’t yelled at me or cussed me out.  So thank you.”

Now all of us have pet peeves.  One of mine happens to be rude, mean people.  I didn’t think that I was being all that friendly with the auto glass guy if I’m honest, just matter-of-factly tried to reschedule the appointment.  The conversation bugged me afterwards because it gets me all riled up when people are rude to those who are doing their best to help.  And I think that EVERYONE should have to deal with the public in a customer service role at some point in their lives to understand how awful people get treated and to just be better than that.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31) was a pretty important teaching from Jesus.  Let’s remember that when we’re out in the world interacting with people from all walks of life working all kinds of jobs dealing with all sorts of people, some of whom may need a refresher on the Golden Rule.  We can be the person who makes someone’s day just a little better.  Because rocks may come flying out of nowhere and hit our cars driving down the road, and thank goodness for people who can come fix the problem! 

(This Week’s Thoughts 9.20.18)