Yesterday was Earth Day.  A day where we contemplate the call to love creation.  In the midst of this global pandemic, there have been some positive news stories about creation.  Animal shelters across the United States have been emptied (sometimes for the first time in years!) as people have come forward to foster or adopt animals during this time of physical distancing from other people.  The canals in Venice have clear water because there’s less boat traffic, now people can see the fish who swim in those less-polluted waters.  The air quality in major cities across the world has improved as less people are out and about.  When people go out for walks in those cities, the air is easier to breathe.  Yes, there are some positive stories we’re hearing about God’s good creation.

Honestly I’m not in a place most days where I can see lots of silver linings in what we’re experiencing.  Too many people are suffering, sick, and dying for us to solely focus on good news stories.  Too many people are losing jobs and facing economic hardships.  I shared with you awhile ago my “worry loop” and that’s often where I go.  However, it doesn’t seem healthy to stay mired in only bad news either.  The actor John Krasinski started a YouTube Channel called Some Good News (if you haven’t seen the episodes, I encourage you to check them out especially on hard days) to also share the silver linings in these moments.  Last week in This Week’s Thoughts I was especially thinking about the Class of 2020.  Well John Krasinski got some big names in music to help him throw a virtual prom for those high school students!  And it’s those stories that are helpful and hopeful to hear right now too. 

Thinking about Earth Day and Some Good News can be a reminder of the interconnectedness of creation.  There’s causes and effects all the time.  What happens to one person or one family or one neighborhood or one city or one state or one country can effect people across the world.  We’re part of this world together.  We’re in this life together.  And we can do our best to make our small part of the world just a little bit brighter for each other.  That’s some good news indeed. 

Pastor Lauren 

(This Week’s Thoughts 4.23.20)