“Some Advice”
Be gentle on yourself.
Be gentle with others.
Things have a way of working out—
Sometimes in unexpected ways,
Sometimes in heartbreaking ways.
Life has a way of pushing you.
Nobody ever said your journey would be easy,
Or should be easy.
Haven’t you learned so much from the pain and the disappointments?
Haven’t you learned that the new day always comes after the dark night of your soul?
And even in the night—
Look up.
Gaze at the moon and marvel at the stars.
But even if they’re veiled,
Hidden from you though you yearn for their light,
They are there—present and unwavering,
Silent witnesses to your unique existence, shining.
And so I say to you—
Keep the faith.
Always be true to yourself.
Trust in God.
Continue to be open and honest.
Love unconditionally.
Rejoice and mourn when you feel moved.
And please—be gentle on yourself.
Rev. Lauren Lorincz