A Story: September 21, 2017

When I was little I had a pronounced speech impediment. Certain sounds were hard to make and saying Ls was the hardest of all. Unfortunate when your name is Lauren Lorincz! At Overlook Elementary School I would get pulled out of reading (because I was an advanced reader) to attend Speech Therapy. Worked hard and my speaking improved. Still have my Ohio accent with vowels, but people can’t usually tell I *still* struggle with pronouncing some words. I read my sermon aloud as I write and if a word is too hard to say, I Google an alternative!

Sometimes I hear from older people in particular how well they can hear me in worship, how well I enunciate. And it always makes me smile because I can actually thank my childhood speech impediment, Speech Therapy, and two years of being on the Speech and Debate Team for that. You never know how struggles you overcome can help you later in life! Keep on keeping on!