These last few days I’ve been on cloud nine because of my beloved Cleveland Indians.  On Tuesday night, the Indians won 20 games. in. a. row.  That tied the record the Oakland Athletics set in 2002 for the American League winning streak!  My dad and uncle were there to witness that historic moment.  Unbelievable!  As of my writing this on Wednesday at 11:40 AM I don’t know if the Tribe broke the streak or not, either way I’m honestly happy.

It’s been interesting to hear from Indians manager Terry Francona and some of the players.  For them, it’s been business as usual and focusing on one game at a time.  Francisco Lindor (the Tribe’s star Shortstop) laughed with reporters and said that he only thinks about the winning streak since they keep bringing it up.  In fact, the cameras had a close-up of Frankie during one of the tense games and he’s in the infield literally singing to himself!  Maybe to calm his nerves, though there’s no one that plays baseball with more joy than him.

In an interview shared on Instagram yesterday from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I listened to what Terry Francona had to say about the whole thing: “I mean, I just want to win tonight.  I’ve always felt like that.  Maybe you don’t believe me.  But I want us to show up every day and play the best game we can.  Think if you do that really well, then these types of questions keep happening.  But we’re going to lose a game.  It doesn’t take away from how I feel about this place or anything like that.  Also, don’t want to get too carried away because it’s more I think fun maybe for you guys.  I mean, I know our guys are enjoying it, but it doesn’t garner you any more than the wins.  That’s what’s important.  How many in a row or the last ten or whatever, that’s arbitrary.  We just show up and play, that’s the best way to look at it.”

I love baseball because baseball has a lot to teach us about life.  Sometimes we may not be at our best.  But we can show up every day and play the best game we can.  The key here is showing up!  A mentor once told me that one of the most important things we do in the Church is show up for one another.  Show up in the good times.  Show up in the bad.  Be present in one another’s lives the best we can.  I am thrilled to see the Cleveland Indians, the team I love, playing so well together and breaking records.  Though I’m also thankful for the reminder from Tito that life is about showing up and playing the game the best we can.

(This Week’s Thoughts 9.13.17)