My sister always says that I have the most random interactions with people. Today was one of them.

This guy broke down in his truck in front of my house/the parsonage. He came and knocked on my door yesterday to explain he tried to fix it unsuccessfully, ordered a part, and would move it in the morning. “No problem, thanks for letting me know!” Today he comes over and apologizes, saying the part he tried didn’t work and they had to special order another part from Willimantic.

I feel bad for him and said it must be annoying to not have his truck if he needs it for work. He said yes, he installs garage doors. Laughing, I said, “Well mine’s broken at the moment. Maybe I need you too!” And he offered to look at the door. I told him I was just teasing and he said, “No really… you’ve let me have my truck here the least I can do is take a look at the garage door.” So he goes with me to take a look. I clarify again that I was teasing, I’m the pastor at the church right over there, and we’ll get it figured out if he just could let me know what’s the matter with it. He goes back to his broken down truck to get tools and supplies . . . and fixes my garage door.

In the middle of his work he looked down at me from his ladder and says, “What are the odds? My truck broke down in front of your house and you need your garage door fixed… it’s what I do for a living.” I said, “Well I sure appreciate your help. It’s like you’re a Guardian Angel today!” He said, “Well, I believe in God… not a church guy, but I believe in God. And my life’s gotten better since I quit drinking. It’s good to be here to help out.”

So thank you, God, for Rusty. And may he find what ails his trusty truck soon!

(Written on 9.7.17)