Glad to be back in Colchester after a wonderful trip to South Korea as part of the delegation from the Connecticut Conference UCC!  During our trip to visit our Korean Partners, most of us took a day to reflect on our experiences.  To read all the reflections, go to the Conference Blog!  Here’s what I wrote to end our trip:

Greetings on our last full day here in South Korea! We spent the majority of our day attending the Annual Meeting of the Kyung Ki Presbytery. We participated in Opening Worship and heard a sermon from one of our Partner Pastors, Rev. Kim, Moon Hee who is the Pastor of Gambukdong Church (Partner of Granby First Church.) Rev. Kim preached on the theme “the light of the world.” With thanks to Irene Choi translating and handy headsets we could wear in one ear we could understand Rev. Kim’s sermon.

Rev. Kim told the gathered Body of Christ to go out and talk to people, understand their needs. Walk step by step with one another. For the light is freely given to us through Jesus Christ. He asked us to consider what our lives and the world would be like without light? For light is for everyone. Rev. Kim declared that war is not the answer to the unrest we see in the world and does not reflect the light of Christ. In the end, we need light and must open our ears for God is still speaking! Yes, Rev. Kim used our beloved UCC motto in his sermon to remind us to listen for God’s still speaking voice in the world. He also asked us to look around at the people right next to us because the light next to you reflects on all of us. I invite you to do the same! What light is reflecting next to you right now? Where do you see the light of Christ shining in the world?

Our Conference Minister, Rev. Kent Siladi, delivered the Keynote Address during the business portion of the meeting. Rev. Siladi spoke about peace and justice from our Christian perspective. He said that leaving peace and justice to political leaders is a mistake. And to remember that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. God has a passionate concern for the poor and marginalized we see over and again in scripture (like Psalm 34:14, Isaiah 2:4, and Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew.) In closing, Rev. Siladi asked us to consider what we can do to address the gap between God’s vision of Shalom and the world today. For we do have values of peace imprinted on our hearts.

We are so thankful for this time of learning and growing in faith together with our partners in Christ in Korea this week. We join our hearts with theirs in praying and working for justice and peace in our world. You reflect the light of Christ! You have the value of peace imprinted on your heart! Let us all go forth to be the church at work in the world. And see you when we get back home.

God Bless,
Rev. Lauren Lorincz

(This Week’s Thoughts 4.26.18)