Maybe you’ve already seen James Corden and Paul McCartney driving around Liverpool, England doing a Carpool Karaoke bit or maybe you haven’t.  Though it’s one of the most loving videos I’ve seen in a long while.  In the midst of difficult days, it’s important to look for the good too.  One compelling aspect of the video is seeing two people share deeply personal stories.  We can see genuine emotions.  We realize that our stories are not exactly the same, yet we have much in common with each other if we would only be open and vulnerable enough to reveal who we truly are to one another.

The concrete example from Corden and McCartney centers around The Beatles’ song “Let It Be.”  Paul McCartney reveals that he had a dream in the 60s and his mother Mary (who had died) came to him in that dream.  She reassured him that everything was going to be okay, “let it be.”  When he woke up, he knew that everything would turn out alright and wrote the lyrics to this song that became a balm for many peoples’ souls.

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
“Let it be.”

James Corden commented that it’s the most beautiful story he’s ever heard and recalls listening to the song with his dad and granddad.  Though his granddad has died, he remarks that his granddad (who was a musician who had sat him down as a child to listen to “Let It Be”) would have gotten a kick out of James riding around Liverpool singing with Paul McCartney.  Corden wipes tears from his eyes as he is overcome with the power of the music and memories of his grandfather.  Paul McCartney quietly and compassionately responds that James’ granddad is here.  Yes, he is here.

In the Christian tradition we often say that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  We remember those we have loved and lost.  And we remember the holy power of compassionately hearing each others’ stories.

(This Week’s Thoughts 6.28.18)