On January 6th we celebrated Epiphany here at CFC and people had the opportunity to pick a Star Word to guide them for the year.  The idea behind Star Words is simple.  On the day that we remember the magi following a star that led them to Christ, we pick out our own brightly colored stars with a single word written on each one.  That word is an invitation to engage and follow.  We are invited to reflect on that word for the coming year, pondering the significance that word may have in one’s life, and how God may in fact be speaking through our star.

Nicole cut out all the stars.  I wrote 149 different words on our batch of stars.  And we had them face down in a basket for the 8:30 service and on a table for the 10:00 service for people to choose.  It’s been nice to hear some of you share your words and what you’ve been pondering already. 

For my part, the Star Word I ended up choosing was “peacefulness.”  I’ll be honest, it made me smile because it’s not a word I would use to define my life or spirituality.  To engage the word more, I googled peacefulness and found the instruction to use the word peacefulness when you talk about a state of calm or tranquility, an example being that many people feel a sense of peacefulness when hiking in the woods.  The two main definitions were a state that is calm and tranquil and the absence of mental stress and anxiety.  It’s interesting to ponder as the new year begins, and for that I am grateful. 

So, how are you doing with your star words?  Any revelations? 
And for those who weren’t in worship on Epiphany and would like to pick up a star, we have more in the church office!  Happy pondering!

Pastor Lauren

(This Week’s Thoughts 1.17.19)