“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
~Edith Sitwell

We’ve had our first significant snow of the (almost) winter season.  As I’m writing This Week’s Thoughts in my office right now, I can look out and see snow on the ground.  If one happens to be a skier or go ice fishing or ice skating outside, there certainly can be redeeming qualities of the winter.  Even if one isn’t a lover of winter sports and activities, it can be a wonderful time to stay inside and be warm and cozy.  Winter is “the time for home” as British poet Edith Sitwell once wrote.  And that can be terrific!

Though we can also consider people who are homeless and the dangerous conditions in which they find themselves outside in frigid temperatures.  Even if one has housing, perhaps it’s hard to afford heat and therefore winter can be difficult to manage.  If one has asthma, the cold air can hit one’s lungs and be painful.  And of course, more germs seem to be passed around in the colder months. 

So it makes sense that we can be especially attuned to one another and those in need in the winter.  Because this is a time when we’re all a bit more vulnerable in colder climates and need to take care of ourselves and one another the best we can.

Perhaps winter brings you happy memories of childhood or happy moments with those you love in the present. 
Or perhaps winter is a difficult time for many different reasons.
No matter what this week’s first snow of the (almost) winter brings to mind, know that God is with you and the warmth of our Christian fellowship here at CFC is extended to you.  Yes, you!

Pastor Lauren

(This Week’s Thoughts, 12.5.19)