Move over the face of 
my deep,
my darkness,
my endless restless chaos,
and create,
O God; 
trouble me,
stir me up,
and calm me,
but do not cease
to breathe
your Spirit into 
my wakening soul.
~Jan L. Richardson, Night Visions: searching the shadows of Advent and Christmas

These lovely words are found within the pages of Night Visions, an Advent and Christmas devotional book by Jan Richardson.  I share them with you this week because Lord knows that there may be days of late when it feels like we need God to move over the face of our endless restless chaos.  The perpetual hope remains that God will continue to breathe God’s spirit into our wakening souls.  Yes, even on the hard days.

Advent is a season of hope after all, where we know that something moving and magnificent is on the horizon.  We know the old stories that can somehow become new once again.  We know that Christ’s light will break forth into the world. Though Advent encourages us to stay and wait a while.   

Have you ever gotten up early to see the sunrise? 
Those moments before the sun peaks up over the horizon can seem like an eternity. 
The whole world can feel like it’s waiting with you. 
We know what’s about to happen. 
But it doesn’t make the moment the sun appears feel less miraculous, not if we pay attention to that present moment in time.  
Because every single day is a gift from God.
We hope.  We wait.  And the light appears. 

I pray that you feel God sustaining you in this Advent time of hoping and waiting for Christ, the light of the world, to come.

Pastor Lauren

(This Week’s Thoughts 12.10.20)