This week I switched out fall/winter bedding for spring/summer and took comforters to the laundromat to get this all set.  I am my mother’s daughter.  The sign outside the door said “masks required” so I had my mask on and went about my task.  An elderly gentleman came into the laundromat without a mask and then looked right at me.  He sheepishly asked, “Are we supposed to wear masks in here, dear?”  I responded that I think so, just following what the sign on the door said.  He nodded and put his mask on as well. 

This brief interaction led to a long conversation.  A conversation about covid, about the vaccines, about masks, about rules and requirements.  He did most of the talking.  The irony is that the TV was on and this all took place as the Governor was giving his usual Tuesday press conference outlining the changes that are taking place in our state.  Not to mention, I was just trying to wash and dry some comforters in peace and not have to pastorally help an elderly stranger process more changes during a global pandemic!

Anyway, I am clearly not a scientist.  But I am in a profession where I interact with all sorts of people, frequently and often.  Nice people.  Prickly people.  People who are easy to talk to, and people who are “pieces of work” to be polite.  It strikes me that all of the changes we’re experiencing (yet again!) are going to make people react in all sorts of ways.  Some people will choose to keep their masks on even if they don’t have to.  Other people will choose to not don a mask ever again if they can help it.  Some people got vaccinated ASAP and others didn’t or won’t get vaccinated at all.  Some churches and businesses will still require masks, hand sanitation, and social distancing, and others will ease restrictions.  So here’s my thought for this week—most people are simply doing the best they can.  Anxiety remains high all around.  Treat one another the way you want to be treated.  

Pastor Lauren 

This Week’s Thoughts 5.20.21

Photo by Marshall Williams on Unsplash.