Friends needed to rehome one of their dogs.  It’s a long story.  And though there’s sadness that they couldn’t ultimately keep both sisters, Neill and I were happy to be able to help them and our new dog, Hildy, have a good home with experienced dog owners.  Hildy was originally rescued from down south as a puppy and she’s a five year old shepherd mix.  She’s quite protective of her pack by nature (and now of the parsonage)!  It’s wonderful to have a dog around the house again. 

When bringing home a rescue dog in particular some folks adhere to the 3-3-3 dog rule.  The basic idea is keeping in mind that the dog will feel overwhelmed in the first 3 days.  The dog may be scared or unsure of what is happening.  Or the dog may try to immediately test some boundaries (similar to how teenagers get)!  After 3 weeks, the dog will start to settle in and feel more comfortable.  They realize that this could be their forever home, begin to figure out their environment, and get into a routine with their new humans.  The dog will also begin to let their guard down and sometimes behavioral issues will show up too.  After 3 months, the dog is usually fully comfortable at home.  Trust and a true bond have been built.  The dog has a sense of security as a member of the family. 

The point of the 3-3-3 rule is that it takes time for everyone (humans too!) to adjust to one another.  Transitions are hard.  For all you animal lovers out there, I’m sure you know how this goes and have your own stories to tell.  It takes time to get into routines.  It takes time to feel secure, and to build trust and strong bonds in families.  So many of us have had routines changed because of covid.  And now that the summer is upon us and school is almost out, all you families with young children will have routines change again!  It’s good to remember that transitions are hard and to give one another grace upon grace.  This week, I am especially thankful for the gift of animal companions who have a way of making life just a little bit brighter.  Thanks be to God! 

Pastor Lauren  

Thursday Thoughts 6/17/21

Photos by Rev. Lauren Lorincz.