The other day I went grocery shopping (not in Colchester).  There was a sign on the door asking that all customers wear masks per that town’s guidelines.  Most of my fellow customers had masks on, no big thing.  But in the produce section there was a woman who wasn’t wearing a mask.  She seemed defiant about it based on her body language.  I glanced in her general direction because I was looking for limes and couldn’t find them.  She quite literally looked at me, squared her shoulders, and seemed about to go off.  I gave her a puzzled look and just kept moving, wanting to say (but I didn’t), “I’m just looking for limes, lady, relax.” 

A couple of things dawned on me in that moment:
1.) This confirms my dislike of grocery shopping.  This is why Neill is the primary grocery shopper (and cook come to that) in our family.  I doubt stuff like this happens to HIM in the grocery store.  Who’s going to look at Neill given his sheer size and shaved head (who messes with Bruce Willis, the Rock, and Jason Statham in all their bald glory?!) and want to start a fight?  Anyway, I can’t stand grocery shopping.  All the more reason to keep sending my beloved, who doesn’t mind going.

2.) This is all so exhausting.  I’m just looking for limes.  I’ve been trying to drink more water, and I don’t love water.  Limes make it better.  I’m not trying to get into an argument with a random woman at the grocery store because she’s not wearing a mask and I am.  Ugh.

Many people are on edge these days. 
As this pandemic has dragged on, we may find ourselves in all sorts of uncomfortable situations that also can’t be avoided. 
Keep in mind that we all continue to have various risk tolerance levels. 
We also can’t assume that we know everything there is to know about another person’s story, let alone peoples’ health conditions.
My Thursday Thought is simply this, no matter what—love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself. 
For me, that looks like wearing a mask when out and about without too much fuss. 
It’s up to all of us to determine what Jesus’ love commandment looks like in our own lives.

Pastor Lauren

Thursday Thoughts 9/16/21

Photo by visuals on Unsplash