Neill and I got married on Friday May 27th at The Society Room of Hartford, right around the corner from where we first met.  It was a beautiful day, from start to finish.  One of my biggest hopes was to feel like a bride, and I did!  Honestly the day was everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Below are some photos to share (some of you requested to see some of the images from our big day, so here they are!)  David Butler was our wedding photographer, and he is just terrific.  

In the spirit of these Thursday Thoughts, here’s one thought/moment from our wedding to share as well….  The rain was mostly holding off in Hartford on Friday, that is until the moment we stepped outside.  The wind began to pick up and we began to feel a few light sprinkles in the air.  Our photographer David asked if Neill and I would be willing to walk with him down the street a bit and we agreed. 

Well, of course as we began to walk, the rain increased!  Neill was calmly holding my hand as I swept the train of my dress onto my arm and held onto my flowers.  People on the street were yelling their congratulations (there was a festival happening at the other end of Pratt Street) and even taking pictures of us as we walked along in the rain.  One woman yelled out, “Congratulations! Rain on your wedding day is good luck!”  It was very sweet and even though I had my head down for some of the walk (to protect my fabulous makeup, I mean come on!) the whole moment was making me smile.  Because I love rain and I love Neill and we just got married!  Somehow David was able to capture that moment so beautifully (below). 

The truth is that life is not always perfect. 
Maybe there will even be a little rain on your wedding day. 
I am so thankful for everyone who made our wedding special, including that well-wishing stranger.  How wonderful it can be to bless others on their journeys, even a bride and groom just married walking down Pratt Street hand in hand. 

Pastor Lauren

Photos from David Butler II of Butler Photography:

Thursday Thoughts 6/2/22

From Neill & Lauren’s wedding at The Society Room in Hartford, CT.
From Neill & Lauren’s wedding at The Society Room in Hartford, CT.
From Neill & Lauren’s wedding at The Society Room in Hartford, CT.