As of yesterday (Ash Wednesday), Lent has now begun.  Sometimes I think that it’s helpful to think about taking things on as opposed to giving things up.  But either way Lenten spiritual practices can be helpful on our faith journeys.  There is a definite time period in which to observe them: from Ash Wednesday to Easter excluding Sundays (every Sunday is considered a “feast day” or “little Easter” if you want to be technical about it).  Plus, sometimes other folks are taking on or giving up something for Lent at the same time, so “misery loves company” as the saying goes! 

But hold that thought. 
Taking on a spiritual practice is not supposed to make you miserable. 
Though it is supposed to be a challenge. 

Take the spiritual practice of fasting. 
Sometimes we think of fasting as food related.  But what about fasting from some of the many distractions we face? 
What would happen if we turned off the TV or radio and just allowed ourselves to sit in silence?  Or chat with a loved one, either in person or over the phone? 
To be intentional about how we connect to each other in this age of technology that is quite literally in the palms of our hands.

The truth is that sometimes we can’t connect as well to God and one another because we fill our days with so much noise and distractions from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.  Maybe this Lent we could be aware of this modern conundrum and work on being more present? 
Maybe we can be encouraged to think more expansively about how we connect to God.  To take things on or give things up that help us on our way.

Pastor Lauren

Photo by Roberto motoi on Unsplash

Thursday Thoughts 2/23/23