When I was a child I loved visiting my grandparents.  For years Grandma Mary & Grandpa Leon lived in Magnolia, Ohio (near Canton).  Even though it was a bit of a drive from Wadsworth (that felt like FOREVER to a kid), the trip was always worth the chance to visit.  My grandparents were humble people.  Theirs was not a large home, but it was a home filled with love.  I inherited my neat/organized ways from my grandmother and mother.  My grandma would often say things like, “You don’t need to have a big house to take pride in your home.”  The Army sent the family all over the world, so my grandma really meant this as they had many different housing accomodations in their lives. 

When my grandparents came to visit when I lived in a studio apartment on campus at Andover Newton (the kitchen, living room, and bedroom were all the same small room), my grandmother responded in her positive way, “Oh, this is perfect just for you, Lauren.  It’s a light housekeeping apartment!”  Meanwhile, seminarians used to joke that we basically lived in monk cells!

Over my years here at CFC, I’ve tried to bring this optimistic spirit to our congregation.  We can take pride in our church!  Neill and I do our best to take good care of the parsonage.  Nicole and I do our best to take good care of our church office.  The only remaining project I would love to see in our church office is new flooring to cover these old asbestos tiles (maybe one day!)  Though no matter what, I embrace my grandma’s mindset that you don’t have to have fancy surroundings to take pride in where you are. 

Which leads me to a change you will see in the office.  If you stop by, you will notice that we kept some of our Easter Butterflies!  Eastertide has come to an end and this upcoming Sunday is Pentecost.  For everything there is a season . . . though Nicole and I wanted to save some butterflies.  Partly because it was hard work to make this art installation happen in our church sanctuary.  But also because it’s wonderful to see this congregational art project live on!  We hope that the butterflies will continue to bring our congregation joy every time you stop by to visit.

Pastor Lauren

Photo by Rev. Lauren Ostrout.

Thursday Thoughts 5/25/23