A Second Chance
(Third Sunday in Lent, Year C, Luke 13:1-9)
Glacier National Park—Forest and Fire Nature Trail (Huckleberry Nature Trail)

We wonder how you work:
present and absent,
ineffable and definite,
as close to us as our next breath and as distant as the farthest star in the sky.

We ponder the clues you give:
love beyond anything we thought possible,
peace that surpasses our human understanding,
hope when all feels lost and pointless and we just don’t care anymore.

How do we understand:
your light pouring through the cracks in our lives,
a second chance after everyone else has given up on us,
wildflowers attracted to charred soil after the devastation of a forest fire?

Let us hear.  Let us see.  Let us experience:
God as our God of new life.

-Rev. Lauren Lorincz
February 27, 2016

Photo by Rev. Lauren Lorincz.