It’s You
(Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year C, Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32)

If the message about the cross is foolishness,
then the message of the Prodigal is lunacy.

The Prodigal asked for his inheritance early,
why don’t you just go ahead and die, Dad, but give me what’s mine before you go.
The Prodigal squandered his property in “dissolute living.”
Let’s be honest–he was entitled and arrogant and . . .
and then he realized that even the pigs ate better than him.

So he rehearses a speech to recite to his old man.
He practices and practices what he can say to come crawling back.
            I’ve sinned against God.
            I’ve sinned against you.
            I’m not even worthy to be called your son.
            Treat me like your hired help.

His Father sees him far off.
Ashamed.  Dirty.  Broken.
And his Father takes off running.
Filled with compassion–holding him, kissing him, celebrating his Son’s homecoming.

What are we supposed to do with this story?
It’s lunacy.
It’s ridiculous.
It’s impossible.
It’s You, though.
Isn’t it?

-Rev. Lauren Lorincz
March 22, 2016