Hosanna, Save Us
(Palm Sunday, Year C, Luke 19:28-40) 

Hosanna, save us.

Save us from fear and despair.
From the military industrial complex.
From overflowing prisons and hopelessness.
From addiction and gun violence and human trafficking.
From any way we abuse each other.
From hating anyone who’s different from us.

Save us from all the ways we sin.
From all the ways we separate from you.
From each other.
From who you created us to be.

You who showed us a different path, a path of peace.
We believe you can heal us.
We believe you can save us for better.
We are so lost.
You are the only one who can mend us and make us whole.

Hosanna, save us.

-Rev. Lauren Lorincz
March 25, 2016