Throughout this Advent season, I preached on the stories behind some Christmas Carols.  Sharing what led to “What Child is This?,” “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear,” and “Angels, from the Realms of Glory” becoming beloved songs we sing in our Christian tradition. 

I am a big fan of music in general, and music has been part of my life forever.  My mother even tells the story that when she would sit in church as I was in her womb, I would move around a ton and almost dance when I would hear the organ.  (Maybe I was destined for local church ministry, who knows—it makes us laugh nonetheless!)  We had a children’s choir at my home church, so I sang in The Angel Choir (yes, that was the actual name and we practiced often and wore robes and everything!)  And I sang in various choirs in Middle School and High School.  I honestly can’t imagine having a worship service without music, and we are blessed at CFC to have such a gifted Church Musician in Kim.

Music can be powerful throughout our lives, both in worship services and also beyond the church.  Just last Sunday a group of us went to Harrington Court to sing some Christmas Carols (thank you to those who were able to spread some Christmas Cheer!)  It’s always heartening to see the residents singing along, clapping, or humming because those songs bring joy or even memories long forgotten.  Sometimes people won’t be able to remember much, but a song comes on and all of a sudden, the words come back.  Sometimes a song comes on, and we remember a beloved person who we listened to that song beside or we sang that song together.  Music has a way of bringing us together.  How do you think or feel about music in your own life?

And so I am thankful for all the ways music can be a gift to us, in both good times and bad.  We will experience some special music on Christmas Eve because people in our congregation have been working on pieces to share with all of us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Thank you, and what a gift to be able to sing and praise God together. 

Pastor Lauren

(This Week’s Thoughts 12.19.19)