We observed Epiphany on Sunday, and the end of this Christmas season.  For those in worship, you received a Star Word to help guide you on your way in 2020.  As I explained, there’s over 100 different words that I write on the stars.  The star you happened to choose is unique and may very well be meant for you. (And if you couldn’t come to worship and would like a star, just stop by the church office because Nicole has 30 stars on hand at the moment and you can choose your own!)  

Perhaps you had an epiphany right away for where that Star Word may guide you this year.  Perhaps you didn’t, and that’s okay too.
As we often say in our tradition, God is Still Speaking! 
Who knows what the future has in store and how your Star Word may be a light on your path, how God may use that gift to speak to you. 

In the end, my prayer is that your Star Word helps you in some way.  That it helps you go deeper and contemplate aspects of your faith and life you maybe haven’t before or haven’t in a while.  The personal example I can give is that lately I’ve been feeling spiritually tired (not burned out!), but a bit scattered.  So imagine my surprise when the Star Word I ended up with was devotion.  When I looked up the definition I had to laugh as I read that devotion is “a religious exercise or practice other than the regular corporate worship of a congregation.”  It’s next to impossible to fully worship when you’re the one leading worship, so many ministers have to focus on our personal devotions in order to stay grounded in God, focusing on the religious practices that happen outside of the regular Sunday after Sunday corporate worship we lead.  So yep, God, I see what you’re up to here!  This year I’ll be contemplating devotion.  

For the record, I really, truly enjoy hearing what you discover as you contemplate your own Star Word, so feel free not just today (but throughout the journey) to share any epiphanies you may have.  Because at a time when it seems like the chaos of our world is unending and we may be having struggles in our own lives, it’s essential to feel the presence of God guiding us toward hope, peace, joy, and love.  Praying for a blessed 2020 for you.

Pastor Lauren

(This Week’s Thoughts 1.9.20)