“How was your summer?” 

It’s a question that we’re used to hearing in late August/early September as Labor Day looms and people get ready for the change of seasons from Summer to Fall.  Folks prepare for school to begin.  In the church we prepare for the program year to ramp up.  Sometimes those lazy Summer days linger a bit and sometimes we are thrust back to the more frantic pace that Fall can bring. 

This year “how was your summer?” feels like an especially odd question. 
Maybe we were able to get away and maybe we weren’t. 
Maybe a trip got canceled and our time off turned into a staycation. 
Maybe we got away and that time away was stressful and not as relaxing as we had hoped.
Maybe against all odds, we’ve had a lovely couple of months.
Though the truth is, this hasn’t been a normal summer for most of us. 
And because of that, we may be entering the Fall not feeling very rested.

I was talking to a struggling friend recently.  We were chatting on the phone and I mostly just listened as they described how difficult life had been that week.  I texted afterwards because I came upon this perfect tweet that I hoped would help my friend.  Someone named Neil Webb (I have no idea who this person even is!) tweeted: “‘You are not working from home; you are at home during a crisis trying to work.’  I’ve heard this twice today.  I think it’s an important distinction worth emphasizing.”  Amen to that, Neil Webb, whoever you are.

We are doing our best day in and day out during a global pandemic. 
We’re not living in “normal” times right now. 
And maybe summer was awesome and restful. 
And maybe it wasn’t. 
Be gentle with yourself either way. 

Pastor Lauren 

(This Week’s Thoughts 8.27.20)