We are now 7 months into the coronavirus pandemic here in the U.S. 
And my “thought” to share this week is actually just a question—how is it with your spirit? 

I ask because we’ve had more cases of late in Colchester.  Some of us have had to deal with school closures or increased fears about contracting the virus at work.  Some of us may be tired, scared, frustrated, or having all sorts of feelings come to the surface in these continued days of uncertainty. 

It dawned on me that it’s “only” been 7 months, but my own habits have changed so much.  When I leave the house I do a mental checklist that now includes: keys, wallet, phone, mask.  When did mask get automatically added to my list of items that are necessary to leave the house?  Well, I suppose 7 long months of a global pandemic will do that to a person.  And that was just one small example that came to the surface this week. 

We are continuing to live in a complicated world.  Add to the pandemic the election, questions of justice, and the divisiveness of our society, and there may be some days where it all just feels like too much. 

So, how is it with your spirit? 
It’s not a question that I ask lightly. 
It’s a question that I sometimes pose to myself, to just check in and see how I’m faring that hour, that day, that week. 
It’s a question that I would like to leave you to ponder.
With hope that the day will fall gently when you especially need to feel the peace of God that exceeds all understanding, the peace that will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus. 

Pastor Lauren 

(This Week’s Thoughts 10.8.20)