You all probably know by now that I love Christmas movies.  The other day Kim asked if I saw the movie Spirited yet—the new movie on Apple TV (and in some theaters) that features Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.  I hadn’t yet, but had read reflections in various clergy groups about how good it is.  So Neill and I watched Spirited this weekend, and wow, it’s wonderful! 

It’s a musical version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with plot twists.  I hesitate to share too much because it’s the kind of movie that’s too easy to spoil.  As an aside, I once used the ending of the Harry Potter series as a sermon illustration, and in so doing, I ruined the surprise for a child (who confronted me about it after worship)! 
And I still feel guilty!

Anyway, one of the songs that stands out, and gets to the theme of Spirited is called “Unredeemable”.  It begins: 
“Am I forever unredeemable? 
Can I ever overcome
All the wrongs I’m running from?
Can my worst be left behind?
And do I deserve to find
There’s a soul who could see any good in me?
Or will I only ever be

A Christmas Carol (in whatever version we prefer) is such a powerful story because it’s a story about redemption.  It’s a story about second chances, and that sometimes we are given the opportunity to right our wrongs.  Remember that repent can mean to change your mind, to change directions, to turn and return to God, to regret, to change your heart and life.  Repentance is a big theme in Advent, and it ends up that Spirited has something to say to us as we await Christmas soon to come. 

And that’s my thought for this week . . . without saying anything else unless or until you tell me that you’d like to chat more about this particular version of A Christmas Carol.

Pastor Lauren

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Thursday Thoughts 12/15/22