Our dog Hildy has been something else lately.  For some reason, she’s been very clingy . . . and even uncharacteristically destructive!  Neill and I had to make an emergency vet appointment because Hildy decided to destroy my glasses and eat one of the lenses!  We were even home when it happened, just in another room of the parsonage!  Hildy needed to get some x-rays and the vet discovered only dog food in her stomach, thank goodness that surgery wasn’t required.  But the vet scolded her, “Eating glasses is puppy behavior, Hildy.  Stop being a brat!” 

She looked slightly chagrined.  Meanwhile I needed to get new glasses, ugh! 
Fast forward to a few days later—Hildy decided to full on howl outside our bedroom at 3 AM.  Why?  I have no idea. 

I escorted Hildy back downstairs to her bed and tucked her back in.  I sat next to her on the floor.  While petting her, my pep talk went something like this:
“Hildy, you have food.  You have water.  You have your blanket.  You have your bone and toys.  You have a soft bed.  You’re safe.  Your “parents” love you.  I’m not sure what you’re going through, but relax!” 

It may strike some as odd to have full-on conversations with animal companions. 
But I think it’s odd to not talk to our beloved animals! 
Talking to pets strengthens bonds.  Look up the research if you don’t believe me.

Now did Hildy understand everything I said? Doubtful. 
Though maybe she felt loved?  I hope so. 
Sometimes our presence when someone (even a beloved animal companion) is going through a rough time is all we can offer.

Pastor Lauren 

Photo by Neill Ostrout.

Thursday Thoughts 2/2/23