How Did We Get Here?
(Holy Saturday 2016, Luke 23:55-56) 

The deep silence.
Dread in the pit of our stomach.
Sweaty palms and clenching and unclenching our fists.

God is dead.
And we are inconsolable.
And numb.

How did things spin out of control?
Were the cynics right all along—were we fools to believe?

His beaten and broken body lies cold and dead in the tomb.
We are left with tear-stained faces wondering how we can possibly go on.
How did we even get here?

Evil, sin, and death won.
Someone who embodied pure love and light has been snuffed out.
The smoke curled up in the air and disappeared with the wind.
He took his last shaky breath.
There is only darkness now.

The women prepared the spices and ointments for his dead body.
And then rested today.
Rested in the deep silence.
Rested in the dread.

-Rev. Lauren Lorincz
March 26, 2016