I love the above comic—it’s from The Awkward Yeti which depicts the adventures of heart and brain (and occasionally gut, tongue, liver, gallbladder, etc.)  I love it because I’m someone who makes big decisions based on gut instinct.  And I’ve learned over the years to trust my gut (even more than my heart or brain) in making important decisions.

Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons of life where we have key decisions to make.  Just this week I’ve had conversations with multiple friends who are unsure of their next moves in ministry.  I have conversations often that involve decision-making.  These conversations bring up the question of how we make important decisions in our lives.  Decisions about varied relationships, career moves, moving to a new place, college/vocational decisions, medical decisions, spiritual decisions, etc.

So how do we decide?  Something new I learned is that neuroscience teaches that we have three brains.  The “head” or cephalic brain which is great for thinking, cognitive perception, making meaning, and creativity.  The “heart” or cardiac brain which is great for emotional processing, connecting us with others, passion, and compassion.  And the “gut” or enteric brain which is great for our sense of self, self-preservation, mobilization, and the root of courage.*  Perhaps there’s one brain we favor over another.  Or perhaps in making the best decision, we find that all three are aligned.

When it comes time for you to decide the best path forward, how do you decide?
Maybe you go to a quiet place in your mind/body/spirit and pray.
Maybe you make a pro and con list and study the results.
Maybe you talk it out with trusted loved ones.
However we go about making decisions, and whether we rely on our heads, hearts, guts, or all of the above, we can trust that God is right there in the mix with us—helping us to be who God created us to be.

Pastor Lauren 

*Here’s the interesting article I consulted for This Week’s Thoughts from Forbes.

(This Week’s Thoughts 5.2.19)